Read The Proposed Ballot Measure

This is the text of the 2020 ballot measure to tax and regulate cannabis like alcohol and tobacco. 

We are currently collecting signatures. If you would like to sign the petition, please visit these locations.   If you have a business that would like to carry the petition or if you would like to volunteer, email us at [email protected] 

Highlights of the proposed measure include:
- 2 ounce limit to adults 21 years of age. Product cannot be in a passenger area of a vehicle (open container). No person could consume marijuana in a public place (like alcohol) or smoke marijuana where smoking tobacco is prohibited.

- Cities reserve the right to reject and limit retail stores in their communities.

- Existing penalties would remain in place for persons driving while impaired by marijuana.

- Bans home growing for personal use. Must be purchased from a licensed and state regulated facility to grow a tested "safe product." 

- Selling to anyone under 21 or "obviously intoxicated" will result in a Class A Misdemeanor.

- Implements child safety measure such as requiring cannabis be in a child proof container and more than 1 ounce must be securely locked up in a home. Limits advertising and bans marketing to children and people under 21.

- Workplaces could still enforce policies restricting the consumption of marijuana by employees.

- In addition to existing state and local taxes, this establishes a 10% excise tax. This tax will first cover all state commission costs with the remainder being allocated with

- 50% to the general fund
- 10% to Health and Human Services for use in addiction treatment programs
- 10% to Department of Education
- 10% to the Legacy Fund
- 10 percent to North Dakota Parks and Recreation 
- 10 percent to Department of Commerce for workforce development.

A three-member Marijuana Control Commission (similar to Alcohol Control Board) , with no political party in the majority, would oversee the general supervision, licensing authority and be the sole regulatory authority over marijuana retail stores and manufacturers. The governor would appoint the three members. The tax revenue would fund this.

The governor may also create and appoint a Marijuana Advisory Board of no more than 10 members to make recommendations on the regulation of marijuana and accessories. (Optional, not required)

  • End the prohibition of a substance that is safer than alcohol by every objective measure.
  • End the failed policy of creating a subclass of criminals. Did you know a drug charge can make you inelligible for student loans, jobs, housing, military service, and even adoption?
  • Push the drug cartels out of North Dakota. The cartels don't pay taxes or ID kids. They can sell dangerous and laced products. The black market is mostly responsible for the vaping epidemic.
  • Free up police resources and stop wasting nearly $40,000 per year per person in prison.
  • Tax and use the revenue for positive things like infrastructure, schools, or simply lower state taxes.
  • Create new industries, jobs, and diversify the economy.
  • Give medical marijuana patients immediate access. 

If you like what we are doing, please make a donation. Legalize ND is a grassroots organization and is primarily funded by small donations. If you could chip in a few dollars, click the donate button. Thank you.