Legislator Cannabis Freedom Scores Explained​​

2020 Election Guide
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Most improved legislator.
This goes to the Representative or Senator who changed their views the most on marijuana in the right direction. Keep in mind this does not mean they necessarily earned an A grade, rather that they have gone up multiple letter grades

The Golden Leaf Award.
This goes to the two most helpful and prolific champions of reform in each session of each party. The Republican and Democrat who earn the golden leaf have gone above and beyond even the A+ rating other legislators may earn and serve as the gold standard for reform efforts.  

The Weed Killer.
This ultimate dishonor goes to the legislator who did the most to stand in the way of marijuana reform in each session. A legislator earning this title is truly the worst of the worst on this issue and should be immediately be removed from consideration if marijuana is one of your main issues.

A- to A+ 
These Legislators were a cut above the rest when it came to marijuana reform. Not only did they vote frequently in the right direction, but they also were lead sponsors, speakers, and fighters for the bills that would eventually be passed. These legislators are a cut above the rest on this issue.

B- to B+
These legislators were marginally to substantially above average, voting with reform more often than their colleagues, while they may not have been the leaders of the fight, they more than pulled their weight.

Not quite worthy of a B-, these legislators were a hair above average on positive reform. A C+ is still a step in the right direction, but with continued contact they may one day become a B or even an A legislator. This is just barely above average, so while some praise is warranted, this is not a substantial improvement from the status quo.

Dead average

Legislators at this score have the dubious honor of beginning to trend towards prohibition. This is the beginning of what should be worrisome for a voter strictly basing decisions on marijuana legislation.

These legislators are moderately in the anti-reform camp, as such they are a low-level priority to oppose. If a legislator in your district earns a D+ grade, begin to consider a primary challenger, or think long and hard before casting that vote. If marijuana isn't your number one issue that is okay, but know that a vote for them is a vote to lose some of the progress we have made in this session

A "D grade" did not actively attempt to kill marijuana reform, but certainly was no friend to the cause. Strongly consider voting for their opponent if this is your top issue.

Suspected of attempting to kill legislation. Not only did these legislators vote against reform, they frequently helped to kill those reforms behind the scenes.

Actively attempted to kill marijuana reform. These are the primary roadblocks to progress in the legislature, and we would hope that a F grade ensures they do not earn your vote. If marijuana is a primary issue for you, a vote for an F legislator is a vote against marijuana.


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